Best of class medical transcription solution for Medent users!

It can be tiring explaining to your transcriber how your EHR works. And, even more tiresome, to argue over prices and TAT! Will you be relieved if someone told you that they understand your EHR, and mean every word of it? If yes, then you'd be happy to know that we are the Medent transcription experts.

See what we can do with your Medent EHR…

  • We post transcripts straight into the patient summary chart. We can also customize your patient chart according to your specifications.
  • Our transcribers listen closely to the recorded transcription voice notes in your Medent EHR and transcribe according to your specifications.
  • We go through the Pop up notes in the patient charts and view the changes made to the transcript. This helps us to better understand your needs.
  • Our medical transcription team can provide transcripts in any template format you prefer. We also offer several free template formats to make transcribing a better experience for you.
  • MedicalTranscriptionsService interfaces with your EHR through a HL7 compliant transcription platform. We comply with all HIPAA norms.

Can you take our word for it?

The good news is that you don't have to. Request for a free demo of our Medent transcription support to know more about how we can streamline your workflow and up your productivity. You can also call our clients who are Medent EHR users like you, to know how we have helped them run profitable and structured medical practices.
Our recently launched "Client call" offer pays up for the call you make to our clients.

Do you use your smartphone to dictate?

It can be difficult to save your dictations and transmit them to us. There are a lot many physicians who forget to transmit their dictations. Let sending across your dictations no longer be, a bother. We have developed a secure mobile dictation application to interface with your smartphones. Medical transcription just got easier for you!
To know more about how we can change the way you work, call 877 272 1572.