NextGen medical transcription support to ease your documentation burden!

Operational costs are hitting the skies and most medical practices are struggling to stay in business. When rental costs, labor and taxes are so high, it certainly makes sense to work with a transcriber, who can save your medical practice truckloads of money. NextGen EHR users can now get rid of financial pressures!

We provide transcription solutions that are NextGen EHR friendly. Let copy pasting medical transcripts become a long forgotten nightmare.

Here is how we can transform the way you work with the NextGen EHR!

  • NextGen offers specialty specific templates, and we have worked with every single one of them. No time is lost fumbling around or searching for options!
  • We offer you exact SOAP notes as well as Quick notes! We work with pre-saved defaults effortlessly.
  • Working with a particular transcription template? Stick to it! We will send your transcripts in any template style you follow.
  • Our services are available 24/7 so your transcription process doesn't stop the minute you walk out of office.
  • All transcripts are cross checked and cross referenced against our extensive dictionary of medical terminology, before being mailed to you.
  • We seamlessly interface with the NextGen EHR. MedicalTranscriptionsService is in complete compliance with HIPAA and HL7 regulations.

Any time works for us!

Struggling with your EHR? No sweat. We can bail you out even if it is in the wee hours of a Sunday morning. We provide round the clock NextGen EHR support and have a toll free number and a 24/7 helpdesk for NextGen users, to contact us anytime they need our support.
Furthermore, we have developed a HL7 compliant mobile transcription platform to help smartphone users to upload and transmit their medical dictations and receive a transcript through their smartphones. We understand that most physicians use smartphones to record dictations. Now you can transmit them to MedicalTranscriptionsService, effortlessly without the hassle of saving the file and mailing it to us.

Want a demo of our services?!

You can request for one. To know the magic we can create with your NextGen EHR and how we can optimize your workflow, ask for a free demo today. Our NextGen EHR transcription services demo is available 24/7. Ask for now…