Physicians can now access patient's medical records with the ease of a mouse click:

Medical Transcriptions Service is now supported with a functional online health care management tool that will allow doctors to access, edit, and digitally sign the patient's medical records with ease.

As soon as a Physician dictates a patient's medical record into our Phone-in-Dictation or through other online channels, we prepare the medical transcripts, which can be accessed by the Physicians on our secure systems.

The highlights of the new application are:

Medical Records can be edited online

Physicians can access the completed transcript instantly, if they choose to edit or add information, it can be done online before e-signing the transcribed report.

Structured fax arrangement

This feature allows the Physician to fax the E-signed reports to the CC or the  referring Physician without clerical assistance.

Online Patients Record

A complete patient's medical history with transcribed reports can be maintained online, these can be accessed by Physicians at any given point of time in future for as long as the patient is undergoing treatment or discontinues it and re-starts it later.

Compatibility with EMR HIS or RIS systems

Complete synchronization of patient's demographic information and scheduling information with a clinic or hospitals EMR, HIS or RIS system.

Interface for Scheduling appointments:

This feature allows a Physician to view his/her appointment schedules online; the system can be synchronized with the scheduling system of a clinic or hospital.

Audit trail of records as per HIPPA compliance:

The application allows a Physician to maintain an audit trail of a patient's record as per HIPAA compliance, beginning with the dictation, followed by the transcription process and the re-view of the e-signed documents. It also trails the distribution links of the transcribed reports.

Medical records can be electronically co-signed:

In addition to electronically signing or distributing a patient's record, the system also allows other resident or additional physicians to co-sign online reports, thus maintaining a complete electronic medical record of a patient.

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