Documenting Electronic Health Records for CureMD's CCHIT Certified EMR & CureMD PMS

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Documenting narrations for healthcare facilities at a cost of just 9.5¢ a line/65 characters

CureMD EMR and iSource

CureMD is a browser-based easily customizable Electronic Medical record intended to accredit modern health care providers. The software is flexible to every Health care facility's unique workflow and approach. User-friendly templates and point and click options in the software has made it the most adorable Electronic medical record in the industry..

The EMR is CCHIT certified and ensures compliance to industry values and a meaningful use. We are looking to associate with Health care facilities those have opted for CureMD for their transcription needs. We are ready to get ourselves involved with your existing CureMD EMR application and we believe that outsourcing is not just money; it inculcates more involvement into the process. Our infra, coupled with years of experience in the field helps us to reach the best quality at affordable process with no compromise on quality.

Introduction of EMR-the new age technology in Medical Transcription process

Unlike the older days, EMRs have now created a great impact in the Medical field especially after the introduction of stimulus incentive packages by the ARRA. They have reached the unavoidable and the most integral part of the Medical billing cycle. The concept of Mandatory EMR has increased the adoption of EMR and EHR applications within the Health care facilities.

Technical Set-backs in implementing EMR applications

Since this new methodology of EMR and EHR application comes with inbuilt IT features, though most of them are user-friendly it is rather a new technology for the Health care professionals. The industry lacks the required knowledge on IT and such technology specialists; also it would take a longer time for those within the industry to equip them to its functionalities.

Why outsource your Medical transcription needs to a reliable vendor?

Outsourcing your Medical transcription needs to professionally equipped, well-trained and experienced vendor assists your practice to maintain financial solidity. This can minimize the errors that occur in the process and enhance your re-imbursement capabilities. HIPAA compliant service providers ensure data security as well.

Why iSource for your transcription needs?

iSource has trained medical transcribers best in the industry to document your narrations who work in ease even with complex templates and forms. The Medical transcription process is fully automated and we quality check the process at different levels for accuracy, typo-errors and spell-checks. We send reports to our clients at constant intervals of the progress, this helps the client to have up-to-date knowledge of the process and the works involved in it.

Data transfer through a secure platform

We render our service through a secure platform and that includes a Virtual Private Network Connectivity with the application that is already in place with the Medical records of the Medical office. Once the connection is established in co-ordination with the IT staff of the particular Health care facility, our Medical transcription team is allowed to access data through a secure password enabled gateway, only through which all the data transfer is done and all the messages sent are HL7 compliant and we use the secure SSL encryption for data transmission. If the existing EMR of the hospital supports LAN, the connectivity can be established using such local area network too, but always a web-based /login-based electronic medical program is the least complicated and the security measures of the same are higher when compared to that of the LAN.

Advantages of Isource

• The Entire transcription suite is HIPAA compliant.

• Lightning speed TAT packages.

• Data transfer through secure SSL encryption platform.

• Cost effective solutions at 9.5¢ a line/65 characters.

• Toll-free lines for your assistance.

• 24x7x365 days customer service and technical assistance.

• Free DS 5000 voice recording systems.

• Copy of EMR and EHR plus Medical transcription work flow document.

• Free EMR consultation.

• Bundled with experience and advancements in Technology.

• Regular and strict quality checks.

• Budget-friendly solutions.

HIPAA security

We at iSource assure our clients that none of the documented data leaves our office; we have 24x7x365 security checks assuring data safety and privacy. We don't outsource our outsourced transcription works to any sub-contracts, thus ensuring that the data doesn't leave our office. The systems used for the process are password protected and all external drives like CD/DVD writers, pen drives, printers etc are disabled on the systems utilized for the process. All security measures are strictly followed according to HIPAA guidelines.

Exciting TATs and explicit customer support

Our TAT option of 12 hours is the most impressive TATs in the market; the convenience provided in this TAT is that the documented files are ready for usage immediately by the next working hours even if the narrations were submitted at the end of the working day. This is the most preferred option by our clients. Other than this we have customized TAT options like 2/4/6/8/10 hours based on our client's requests. We work for 24x7x365 days, and this means we are open to your service all time and every time. We value our client's opinions. We have toll-free no. services for our client's convenience. You can call us at 1-877-272-1572 and get your free EMR consultation and your medical transcription needs fulfilled. Only a quality service with a quality product keeps the business standards up and that is why we have partnered with CureMD EMR to provide the best service we can offer to our clients. From now, CureMD's clients are Isource's clients.


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