Medical Transcription Dallas (TX):

Registered Name: iSource
Phone: 877-272-1572

Do you carry your work back home?

Medical practitioners spend most of their on their toes. It can be tiresome to handle dozens of patients, juggle appointments and still find enough time to work with your EMR. All you wish for is a quiet dinner after a long day's work. But there are your medical dictations that are waiting to be transcribed!

For years physicians were stuck with two choices. Working with an overpaid transcriber or transcribing their recordings themselves. Doctors in Dallas have a third and far better choice. Working with Medicaltranscriptionsservice!

"We are a small single physician practice…"

Small practices operate on small budgets. You certainly cannot set aside enough dollars to work with a professional transcribing firm, right? Wrong. We offer medical transcription prices that will fit your budget. Are you wasting time inputting data into your EHR? You don’t have to anymore.

Make the best use of the time and resources you have on hand. We offer secure and best of class EHR integrated medical transcription support.

Are you a huge multispecialty hospital?!

Our services are highly scalable. We can scale up and handle any volume of work assigned to us. We have separate and specialized transcribing teams for each medical specialty. We provide smartly designed templates for discharge reports, summary notes, progress notes etc. You can also receive your transcript in any transcript format of your choice.

24/7 EMR/EHR transcription support…

Most medical practices have transitioned to EMR/EHRs. We’ve taken the leap as well. We are absolutely comfortable working with all EMR/EHR/PMS systems. We can interface with your emr via a HL7 compliant transcribing platform. Or work with your emr directly with access level provided to us. Either, which way, you can be assured of secure and HIPAA compliant transcribing services. 

Want to know how it works?

If you are an emr user you can request for a free demo of how we work with your software. Call our toll free number and ask for a free demo anytime.

Physicians who use smartphones to dictate will find it incredibly easy to work with us. We’ve developed Android, IOS applications to interface with your smartphones.

Doctors in Dallas can get a free digital voice recorder!

Yes. We offer physicians a digital voice recorder absolutely free of cost. Get an Olympus DS5000 professional voice recorder free when you sign up for our medical transcription services.