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How many patients do you meet per day? On an average a physician sees about 25 to 30 patients a day. Managing the medical data of patients is the top most concern of all physicians. More granularity in data means, increased pressure to maintain accurate documentation.

Federal regulations, and insurers who demand more specific documentation, are forcing doctors to stay back after office hours. You don't have to work late into the evening if you work with MedicalTranscriptionsService! Hundreds of physicians across California have heaved a sigh of relief after working with us.

Working with us can…

  • Quicken your workflow
  • Lead to better documentation
  • Help you de-stress

We know the ins and outs of your EMR!

Are you tired of complex templates and an even more complex workflow? MedicalTranscriptionsService can make things simpler for you! Our California based transcribers and EMR experts can make documenting patient records a walk in the park. One of the biggest advantages of working with us is our 24/7 workflow. You can send in the day's dictations to us and we will offer a transcript of it inside of 12 hours.
Our turnaround time is flexible and we work according to your requirements. And if you are wondering if your data would be secure, you needn't worry. We adhere to all HIPAA regulations and follow state of the art medical data encryption protocols.

Get rid of old processes!

Are you used to inputting details into your EMR after receiving a transcript?
Our EMR transcription experts can transcribe directly into your EMR/EHR system. Stop working as a data entry clerk and let the focus be on patients and not their records.

Do you record dictations in your smartphone and send it across for transcription?
Cut the workarounds! We have developed a smartphone application that can interface with Android and iOS applications. All you need to do is now simply dictate into your smartphone. We will take it from there and offer you a flawless transcript.

Do you have no idea how your transcriber works?
We don't hide behind a smokescreen of false promises. Request for an online demo of our services and see how we can work with your EMR. Avail of our client reference call offer and talk to any of our clients free of cost!

Touchbase with us today for more information.

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