HL7 compliant medical transcription platform for eCast users…

  • Have you had enough of unprofessional transcribers?
  • Are you tired of data entry tasks?
  • Want to try out a better model of working?

Transforming the way you work!

MedicalTranscriptionsService goes the extra mile to offer transcribing solutions that can change the way you work. eCast users across the US of A have managed to spend less dollars and time on medical transcription.

Here is how we can make your workdays lighter…

Free templates for ease of use: We offer several well designed and specialty specific templates to help you view your documentation effortlessly. Our transcription experts know the ins and outs of the eCast EHR and don't waste a single moment wondering what goes where! You can also get your transcripts back in any specific template format your medical practice uses.
No data leakage nightmares: We comply with all HIPAA and HL7 guidelines. Our data security management team is available 24/7 to safeguard and monitor the access, of your medical data. We guarantee complete physical and informational security of your data.
Smart interface: eCast provides its users, mobile accessibility via iOS devices. We can set up a dictation application that can directly interface with your iPhone. This will save you the time spent on saving dictation files and transmitting them to us.
We are always there for you! eCast users can call us anytime they need help with their EMR. We are the certified consultants of eCast EMR. Our technical support team and troubleshooting experts would love to set things right for you!
Get your transcripts in double quick time: Working just 8 hours can lead to massive documentation backlogs. Our 24/7 workflow and super quick turnaround will ensure your documentation is always accurate and up to date.

Get to know how we work!

Request for a free demo to know how our eCast EMR transcription process works. You can also call our clients to know about the support and care we provide. Avail of our client call offer to talk to our clients for free! Click here to know more.