Hepatology Transcription Service

When in-house documentation workflows aren’t smooth-sailing, hepatologists can reassuringly depend on our web-based hepatology transcription service

When hepatology clinics are faced with adverse circumstances in maintaining the document workflow of patient’s medical records, the web-based hepatology transcription service from our company provides them the support in restoring the stalled workflow.

There are many issues that hamper the smooth functioning of clinics in-house transcription process, with the most common one being the non-availability of skilled & knowledgeable medical transcribers.

The document workflow is a never-ending process for a specialty clinic, and if it comes to a standstill it can adversely affect patient-care, especially in a specialty as important as Hepatology. Medical Transcriptions Service offers documentation support either through a toll-free Phone-in-Dictation or through a connectivity established through Virtual Private Network.

The setting-up of the toll free phone-in-dictation or the VPN

The toll free phone-in-dictation enables physicians to dial and dictate patient encounters into our secure servers. The narrations are documented by the medical transcribers from our company and are sent by email to the physicians. We also setup Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity with the Electronic Medical Record application that is in use by a practice.

This is setup by the company’s technical team in coordination with the IT staff of the clinic. The setup facilitates the medical transcribers from our company to access the narrations read into the centralized voice recording system of the application software. These are documented and made available to the physicians for review.

The web-based service costs only a fraction of the in-house costs

Many specialty clinics spend a fortune setting up an in-house infrastructure for transcriptions, paying as much as $14 to $15 an hour to an in-house transcriber, it is estimated that the cost of documenting a line of 65 characters escalates to 35¢ to 40¢. In comparison, we charge clinics only 8.5¢ to 9.5¢ a line, a clear saving of 427%. The huge cost savings does not justify doing it in-house making it into an unviable option.

The time honored turn-around-time that only a web based service can offer

Besides the advantage of the cost that a web-based service provides, the other very important advantage available is the turn-around-time, the process time for documenting narrations is just 12 hours, we are able to maintain this turn-around-time mainly because we are a 24 x 7 service, unlike the clinics in-house staff that work for only 40 hours a week.

The mandatory HIPAA regulations that we faithfully honor

We observe HIPAA regulations in their totality, we have a safe and a secure server, all data that is interchanged is through SSL encryption, and patient records are accessible by the staff of the company only on need-to-basis, these can be accessed only through a User ID and a Password. The Virtual Private Network is setup as per HL-7 standards.

Clinics can get started by using our 7-day free trial

We realize how important it is for clinics to ensure smooth document workflows, and to be convinced of the service policy of the company which is “what we promise, we deliver”, a 7-day no-obligation free trial is available for clinics to check us out, the transcribers process 40 to 50 narrations that are documented and made available to the administrators of the clinic for review. The quality, accuracy and the turn-around-time will undoubtedly convince you to send us a Business Associate Agreement. Call our 24 x 7 customer support on toll free number 1-877-272-1572 to initialize the free trial.


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