Medisoft users can stop losing sleep over medical transcription

Running a medical practice has never been more expensive, or complicated. With recent regulations pressurizing doctors to maintain pristine documentation, this is the time to work extra hard or work with MedicalTranscriptionsService. Yes, you could either stay back after office hours to set your transcription in order or leave all your transcribing worries to us.

We provide a robust HL7 compliant transcribing platform to interface with your Medisoft EHR. All our services are HIPAA compliant and we comply with all federal regulations for the informational and physical security of medical data.

BrightNote; and why we are the best people to work with it!

We understand the charting functionalities of Medisoft and use the BrightNote feature to make documentation a walk in the park for you. We have vast experience of working with the SOAP notes format, and if there is any other template format you use, all you will have to do is inform us. We also provide several well-designed specialty and practice specific templates, absolutely free!
BrightNote supports transcription and whether you dictate live notes or use a recorder, we can join hands with you and offer best of class transcribing solutions.

Having trouble with your EHR?

Facing a minor snag? No sweat! Call our certified Medisoft support team to get things back on track. Our EHR helpdesk is available 24/7 so anytime is a good time to call. Are you tired of promises? Request for, a free online demo, of our Medisoft EHR medical transcription services.
You can better understand our transcribing process and how it can transform your everyday documentation workflow.

The smart way to transcribe!

MedicalTranscriptionsService has developed a dictation application that can interface seamlessly with your smartphones. You can now simply dictate into your smartphone. We will retrieve your dictations and produce accurate transcripts of them. Our application can work with all Android and iOS phones.

Know why we are special to our clients…

Call our Medisoft clients to know how we have changed the way their medical practices function. Get to know how dozens of Medisoft users like you have managed to get rid of documentation headaches. We will provide you the contact details of our clients and also pay up for your call!
Get in touch today to transform the way you work!