Top of the line PracticeFusion transcribing solutions!


  • Do you receive transcripts several days after dictating them?
  • Do you find it difficult to maintain documentation as you are confused about what goes where?
  • Do you ever wish that there were more hours in a day?

You will love going to work once again!

Your workdays will no longer be a blur of rushing between appointments, doing documentation tasks and posting transcripts in your PF EHR. MedicalTranscriptionsService can help Practice Fusion users, work, without getting snowed under by documentation tasks. We work every single day with the Practice Fusion EHR, and don't waste time fumbling with transcript templates.
The PF EHR has over 220 specialty specific templates.Having worked with hundreds of PF users, we've worked with every single template of your EHR!

Straight out of a can solutions don't work; so we don't try them…

Do you give the same medication to all your patients? So why should you put up with a transcript template that everybody else uses. Practice Fusion offers physicians the option to customize their templates according to their practice's specific needs. We can help you design a template that best suits your workflow
Furthermore, MedicalTranscriptionsService offers several, physician friendly, neatly designed templates at no additional costs.

We are up all night!

Wondering if it is okay to call your transcriber way past midnight? Yes, at MedicalTranscriptionsService it is perfectly okay, as we work 24/7. We are certified Practice Fusion consultants and offer your practice free 24/7 PF EHR support. Call our helpline anytime you have a query or need our help. We will be more than happy to fix up your EHR!

Work smartly!

We can interface with your EHR through a secure HIPAA compliant interface. Or, can work with your EHR directly if N/P level access is provided to us. And if you are a smartphone user, we can set up a HL7 compliant dictation application with your smartphone. Now you can view your updated transcripts, in your PF EHR, on the go!

Slightly flummoxed?!

We don't want you to work with us all the while wondering if this is going to work out. Request for a free demo of our services and know for yourself how our transcription process works. Call on our toll free number 877-272-1572 right-away to know more about the support we can provide you.