Affordable medical transcription in Texas; a reality now!

Have you ever felt bogged down by the high cost of practicing medicine? With the slant being on perfect documentation, staying compliant remains the biggest challenge. Would you be relieved if a transcriber based in Texas offered to lighten your workload? MedicalTranscriptionsService can help you handle documentation pressures and get back home faster.
Our enormous client-base in Texas stands testimony to the efficiency and affordability of our services. And no, we are not selling you snakeskin potion!

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Stop doing clerical work!

Physicians spend on an average, 2 hours copy pasting medical data. Which means over 50 hours a month are wasted on copy pasting records! Utilize your time to meet more patients and leave your data entry tasks to us. We have vast experience in working with EMRs and transcribe directly into your EMR/EHR systems.

Our technical support set up a HL7 compliant highly secure VPN platform to integrate with your EMR. Or our transcribers will log in and post directly into your EMR/EHR using the edit level access provided by you.

Stop working like everybody else!

You don't have to dictate and store recordings in your smartphone. Or, work with templates that hinder your workflow. We offer you a better way to work. Our technical team has developed a dictation application for smartphone users.

MedicalTranscriptionsService also offers free customized templates that align with your workflow. Tighten your workflow through our practice specific templates. You can call any of our clients in Texas to know more about our services. Avail of our Client Referral Call Offer and place that call for free.

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