Documenting Electronic Health Records for ClearHealth Office / ClearHealth Advantage, Practice Management applications

Dial 1-877-272-1572 for transcription support through an enabled VPN/ Web-based connectivity

Documenting narrations for healthcare facilities at a cost of just 9.5¢ a line/65 characters

Clear Health

Clear health Inc. is the manufacturer of the electronic health record software such as clear health office edition and clear health advantage edition. This software is most noted for its open source adherence thereby providing (GNU) for all its customers.

The majority reviews on the clear health advantage and practice management applications is that the software meets the expectations of all the open source web-based EHR/EMR systems. This is full-featured software specifically designed to meet the daily operations of medical offices. The additional features include scheduling, registration, EMR, mobility, billing and reports.

iSource and Clear health

iSource is an innovative solution provider in the health care market. iSource has extended its services to Clear health users with an idea to benefit the clear health vendor, users and the service provider. iSource's evangelists have developed a technology of seamless integration. This technology proves mutually beneficial for the Clear health software vendors, users and iSource. iSource's doors are open to clear health software users and vendors willing to partner with it.

Seamless integration – A new face of technology

iSource's research team has made a breakthrough in EMR technology by seamlessly integrating the software either installed in a healthcare facility's hardware or the web-based EMR software with the fully functional team of iSource. We connect to your Clear health software by means of VPN (Virtual private network). Being one of the decorated providers of health care solutions our technical team makes sure that the seamless integration process complies with HIPAA norms. Our Team portrays their experience through ease of use of almost all EMR software in the face of the earth. Our transcribers are the best in their profession thus transcribing the doctor's dictation without any errors. The transcript passes the proof reading with our editorial team to eradicate typos and other errors. With Clear health being one of the best software available in the health care market our team adapts easily to software's templates and forms. Our Medical billing / coding team obtains the patient demography details through a unique patient identity code (UPI) and feeds the information into the template or forms. The experience in handling such sensitive records precedes us thereby making iSource the perfect choice in this partnership.

Efficient and quality service at Rock bottom prices

We value every penny you spend with us. We are known for our lowest pricing structures in the healthcare market. Our 9.5¢ a line (65 characters) is the best deal in the market. One would wonder about our low-cost transcription services as maintaining a medical transcription process is not as easy as it sounds. We have our answers as we are well equipped with technology, manpower, infra and a huge clientele. Our esteemed clients keeps growing every year so does our team. This helps us to keep up with the increasing demand and we manage to stay within our client's budget. We have a keen eye for quality in every process that we undertake.


By partnering with us through seamless integration we make your EHR/EMR and documentation process nearly fully-automatic. This reduces the pressure on the hospital attendants, nurses and in-house doctors of the medical facility by helping them to adhere to their job roles. We almost reduce your in-house medical transcription cost to a bare minimum. We help you to achieve the meaningful use EHR/EMR. We exceed our customer's expectations and not their budget. We provide services and help you retain your software deployed in your facility. We are available round the clock so call us anytime @ 1-877-272-1572 and let us help you with your transcription needs. For doctors we have a toll-free number to record their dictations to get an instant transcription service.

iSource's Tailor-made TAT

Save more on your budget by choosing the best turnaround time suited to your needs. We offer the best tailor-made and client specific turnaround times to serve our customers. We document your narrations in 12 hours. Make use of our 12-hour advantage for better prospects in your business. Dump your physicians recording with us at the end of day and we deliver the transcript during your next working hour. This time-zone advantage we offer is one you could not resist. To offer better services we also offer specific 2/4/6/8 hours TAT.

HIPAA Compliance

All our processes comply with HIPAA rules and regulations. Our seamless integration technology also complies with HIPAA rules and regulations. The VPN network and the data transfers within the network are encrypted using the SSL6 encryption technique. Our transcribers have limited access to the hospital records as we restrict their area of access for security reasons.









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