Documenting Electronic Health Records
HealthPort EMR/ HealthPort Practice Management

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Documenting narrations for healthcare facilities
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HealthPort EMR/ HealthPort PM Transcription

Dock your medical transcription worries here

Isource can work with your Healthport emr, to deliver solutions that are all that you were looking for. We offer medical transcribing and documentation services to all medical specialties, and can to a large extent help you ward of the fears of insufficient or inaccurate medical data. We’ve worked with users of the Healthport emr and have become the byword for emr integrated medical transcription services.

Creating an environment that will make managing your data effortless

Sometimes, trying to get your medical records in order can look like staring into a bottomless pit. If your Healthport emr offers you options that can streamline your data; we offer transcription support that can help you wave aside documentation worries. We provide exact and typo free text transcripts of your medical dictations and post them in the relevant fields and templates provided in your emr application.

Cyrus David, the practice manager of a multi-specialty clinic in Oregon, was struggling with adapting to a new emr based environment. After trying in vain to train his medical transcriber, and pleading with his staff to stay back and paste the transcripts in his emr account, he finally approached us.

We provided secure emr integration of our medical transcribing platform with the Healthport emr account of the clinic. And Cyrus just joined the happy list of clients who swear by our emr integrated medical transcription services.

We help you avoid security slipups and rejected claims

Our medical transcribing services are hipaa compliant and strictly follow all hl7 norms. Access to your emr account is through prior authorization and all data storage devices are banned inside the office. But how can we save your practice from the pain of rejected claims?

Well, it is no secret that physician’s dictations play a pivotal role during the medical billing process. An accurate transcript of your audio recorded medical data can serve as important documentation support for your claims. Having us on board can be a time and cost saver, and as we work with your emr you are guaranteed of high security and anytime access, of your data.

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