Documenting Electronic Health Records
MD-NAVIGATOR Practice Management System

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Documenting narrations for healthcare facilities
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MD-NAVIGATOR Practice Management Transcription

We make navigating your practice management software easy!

iSource can make working with your MD Navigator office practice management software a breeze! We are your step in the door for medical documentation that is not just paperless but errorless too. Practice management software, is supposed to cut down the workload and pressure a physician or practice manager, faces everyday at office.

But keying in information, verifying details and updating medical records can be time consuming and frustrating. iSource is the painkiller for all workflow management related bottlenecks and challenges. .

Spend more time with your patients, not your keyboard!

Users of MD Navigator Office can finally invest more time on their patients. We increase physician productivity by taking care every medical transcription and documentation need of your organization. An in house data management team can be expensive and trying to contact your medical transcriber on a weekend can be more painful than a spinal injection.

Here are three ways we can lighten the load of your medical practice

  • The MD navigator office, can integrate the workflow of multi-offices. We can receive the physician dictations, across all your offices and make it available in one single platform.
  • We can make paperless reporting using your practice management system easier, by posting transcripts that are accurate and timely.
  • Our medical transcribing services can make use of the customizable correspondence templates, reports and forms to offer you practice specific medical transcription solutions.

Everybody who works with us has a happy story to share!

We recently offered our medical transcribing services to an internal medicine clinic that used the MD navigator office pms. The expensive in house medical transcription team was driving the practice manager up the wall, churning out reports that had frequently misspelled medical terms, making the transcripts almost unreadable. Experimenting with voice recognition software added its own share of grim humor.

After a thorough research, the medical practice, called us upon hearing we had experience of working with the practice management system. And were not just happy with our services but promised the share the word around.

For more details call us anytime at 1 877 272 1572.





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