Documenting Electronic Health Records
Remedi PM / Remedi EMR

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Documenting narrations for healthcare facilities
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Remedi PM / Remedi EMR Transcription

The best remedy for workflow integration worries

Have you ever wondered if you could be one of those uber cool physicians, who balance work and family, effortlessly? Medicaltranscriptionsservice can help you become one of them! If Remedi is the ehr you use, we will provide you medical transcription services that can help you be in time for dinner.

Our medical transcribing services can make use of every feature available in your emr application, to provide the most comprehensive, transcription and document management support. Whether you are a physician or practice manager, do what you are good at and we will do what we are the best at!

Five ways how we can unburden Remedi emr users

  • We can maintain the patient specific folders available in the document management feature. The latest medical information of all your patients, and a thoroughly updated patient database, is no longer an ambitious dream.
  • Our transcription reports will be directly posted in the document management feature. Your staff can save the time of retrieving transcribed documents and pasting it in the designated fields.
  • The patient management feature is another useful attribute of the Remedi emr. We will make sure that the visit history, clinical data and any other medical data pertaining to the patient is current and up to date.
  • Our medical transcription services can transcribe any audio recorded medical information accurately, and we don’t blame complicated medical terms, for a poorly produced transcript. 
  • Our emr integrated medical transcription services, is hipaa compliant and in line with all security regulations for the handling and transmitting of healthcare data.

Being a step further can help you stay way ahead

Our medical transcribing services stay ahead of the curve, to provide solutions that are intuitive towards the needs of our clients. Our Remedi emr integrated medical transcription services is just another way of letting our clients know, that we understand what their needs are. We know that having all medical data in one secure platform can be a great time saver and do everything in our capacity to provide you with just that!






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