Documenting Electronic Health Records
Sage MedWare / Sage Intergy EHR V5.5

Dial 1-877-272-1572 for transcription support
through an enabled VPN/ Web-based connectivity

Documenting narrations for healthcare facilities
at a cost of just 9.5¢ a line/65 characters

Sage MedWare / Sage Intergy EHR V5.5 Transcription

Good news ahead for Sage Intergy ehr users

Don’t lose heart over sinking revenues. An ehr can turn a lot of things around but it still takes the expertise and patience of professionals, to create and maintain flawless medical documentation. For medical practitioners and managers who use the Sage Intergy ehr we offer medical transcription services that you simply cannot refuse!

What makes us so confident? Well, it is the fact that we are the preferred choice for Sage ehr users as our emr integrated medical transcribing services is completely hipaa compliant and highly secure. We have thorough knowledge about every feature of the Sage ehr and can effortlessly work with your ehr, without making a million calls to get things right!

Three reasons how our services can make a difference to your practice

  • The clinical record summary is updated and maintained everyday. You can share current and accurate medical information with other physicians and ancillary care providers.
  • The Sage electronic health record offers specialty specific features. iSource has extensive experience of working with diverse medical specialties and together with your ehr offer transcribing support that understands and delivers the requirements and specifications of your field.
  • You can dictate physician notes, analysis, patient data, patient encounters and any information that needs to be documented. We will provide accurate transcripts of it and post it in the relevant fields and templates of your ehr application.

We don't hide behind a smokescreen of vague promises

iSource has been able to gain the trust of hundreds of medical practices all over the USA, as we ensure that our services exceed the normal standards of the industry. To open the window for higher efficiency, transparency, and security in the field of medical transcribing, we integrate our medical transcription platform with that of the ehr application of our clients.

We play by the book, and every guideline and regulation for the security of medical data is strictly adhered to. We are hipaa and hl7 compliant and offer the highest security standards and state of the art security features to ensure that your data is in safe hands.

Offering the best of both worlds!

At iSource we work like an in house team and send daily updates and reports of our work. Our client support team coordinates with your staff to offer solutions that are customized and tuned in to the needs of your practice. And we promise sweeping changes to the organizational workflow of your medical practice the minute we come on board.

But unlike an in house transcriber we are not going to call in sick at the last minute or get paid for the number of hours we spend in office. We offer a pay as you go approach so every dollar you spend is accounted for and, yes, well spent. Pay nominal transcribing charges, demand the turnaround time you are comfortable with and don’t bother about pasting transcripts onto your emr/ ehr application.

Now that is reason enough to call us at 1 877 272 1572.






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