Documenting Electronic Health Records for eThomas Practice Management & Thomas EHR

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Documenting narrations for healthcare facilities at a cost of just 9.5¢ a line/65 characters

eThomas Practice Management Transcription

Outstanding solutions for an outstanding EHR!

homas EHR is being increasingly known as an ehr that has an instinctive understanding of a physician’s needs. The certified ehr is customizable, hipaa compliant and great to work with. Like iSource, the preferred choice for medical transcription services.

We share a lot of common ground with the EThomas ehr. We are a hipaa compliant and client friendly medical transcription company, and can customize our services to free up our clients from the monotony of documenting and maintaining patient records.

The main features of our EThomas ehr integrated medical transcription services

  • We can regularly populate your ehr account with updated information of your patient records, using the customizable templates and protocols of your EThomas ehr account.
  • The transcribing team of iSource can paste accurate and proofed transcripts of physician dictations, and other audio recorded medical information, according to the template of your ehr account and working style of your practice.
  • Our medical transcription services, complies and adheres to all HL7 regulations. All medical data is ssl encrypted and our technical team can establish a secure VPN platform for the transmission of your medical data.
  • The secure and seamless integration of our medical transcribing services with your ehr application enables streamlined and quick document workflow.
  • All the information you ever need is in, one, single, integrated and highly secure platform. So you no longer have to grapple with disparate aspects of your workflow.

The quickest and most cost effective transcription solution; ever

iSource charges one of the lowest rates in the industry, for ehr integrated medical transcription services. Our transcribing costs per line are the most low priced in the industry. We follow the VBC method of pricing endorsed by AHIMA and follow a completely transparent and uncomplicated pricing method.

Our flexible and client centric turnaround time packages ensure that we deliver completed transcripts at your convenience. We never fail to meet our deadlines and are so quick, you’d be surprised at our efficiency and swiftness.

For quick tat, low rates and a medical transcription solution that understands and works effortlessly with your EThomas electronic health record, call 1 877 272 1572.