MedicalTranscriptionsService for Hospitals! Providing quality documentation needs for better healthcare

In the 24/7 work environment hospitals will have to juggle many tasks at once. Among the many operational costs, hospitals can cut the operational costs of transcription and make it better. How? MedicalTranscriptionsService has been a top quality provider of documentation needs for hospitals across the United States. We at MTS understand the value of time, quality and cost savings for hospitals.

MedicalTranscriptionsService is 100% HIPAA compliant:

Years of best of class transcription service rendered for hospitals across the United States has made us the top HIPAA compliant transcription provider. Through strong encryption protocols MTS ensures that no malicious software can hit your patient's record. Since there is a limited access to the application and an auto logout feature if no activity is detected within 10 seconds, there are absolutely no data risks.

The procedures we follow to make your hospitals' documentation better:

Don't settle for less!

  • Transcriptions at a time frame you need: We at MTS understand the quick delivery of reports required by the hospitals and the heavy burden of documentation. So we work round the clock.
  • 100% accurate transcription in the format you need: The dedicated transcriber, editor and proof reader for your hospital monitor transcripts to ensure the quality we stand for.
  • 24/7 service at MTS: We at MTS understand that your hospital runs 24/7 so we work with you to ensure that all demands are addressed.
  • Template customization: Our medical documentation specialists also offer template customization services. We can customize your EHR templates in accordance to your practice's workflow.
  • 5 Day Trial Offer: Quality and time are the top priorities for any hospital due to their heavy workflow. MTS offers a 5 day free trial without any obligation before you sign a deal with us, so that you can check our service.
  • Regular training of the staff: The staff members including the transcribers, editors and proofreaders are trained regularly and attend workshops on updates about evolving healthcare guidelines.
  • Prices that don't eat into your budget: We at MTS understand the value of promises, thus we have prices that are consistent and affordable.

Your hospital can cut the costs and get better clinical documentation:

We at MTS understand that online surveys and statistics don't make a transcription service a top quality provider. We at MTS work only for customer satisfaction and not for statistics. Visit our website to know how you can get cost benefits without compromising with quality.

You can call on 1-877-272-1572 or visit our web to know how we can work with your hospital!

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