Documenting Electronic Health Records
OriginTM Radiology Software

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through an enabled VPN/ Web-based connectivity

Documenting narrations for healthcare facilities
at a cost of just 9.5¢ a line/65 characters

OriginTM Radiology Transcription

We offer documentation or transcription support to healthcare facilities that have switched from paper to Electronic Medical Records (EMR).The healthcare facilities supported by OriginTM Radiology Software applications, can now partner with us for documenting patient records.

The support that we provide is through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity, which we establish with the facility's existing EMR/EHR/PM application. This is enabled by the technical team from our company that coordinates with the IT division of the healthcare facility in setting up a login access for the medical transcribers of the company. This allows our transcribers to access and document the dictations that are read into the application by the physicians, using different templates or forms.

Technical team can setup connectivity with  
any EMR/EHR application software

The technical team from our company has not only established successful connectivity with Allscripts EHR, but it is being increasing solicited for different EMR/EHR applications such as Medent, e-MDS, Synamed, IKnowMed, Nextgen, to name just a few., including specialty specific applications. There are quite a number of applications used by healthcare facilities that are web based, and after a browser login is setup with the EMR application, the dictations are documented by our transcription team.

The advantage of integration of  
transcription platform with an existing EMR/EHR/PM

We also have a functional transcription platform that is built to seamlessly integrate with the EMR application software used by a healthcare facility. The seamless integration ensures that the remote transcription vendor is allowed a limited document workflow access to an existing EMR application in use by the healthcare facility. The security concern of the administrators is thus addressed through a point of interaction between the two systems. The transcription suite complies with HL7 regulations, and the data interchange is through secure SSL encryption platform, a mandatory requirement under HIPAA regulations that we zealously observe. The seamless integration establishes an environment for an efficient documentation workflow, the physician's just requiring to read the patient's ID number, while narrating patient encounters, based upon which  the transcribers access patient details, including their demographic information, which is entered into the transcribed document.

The benefits of outsourcing transcription
 service from remote vendors

We have been offering medical transcription support to healthcare facilities for more than ten years, and we have had the opportunity of improving the document workflow of the facilities that we have partnered with. Most of the healthcare facilities had high volumes of patient records that needed to be processed, but because of understaffed transcription divisions the document workflow stagnated, and quality patient care could not be provided. After delegating their documentation responsibilities to our company, the document workflow of the healthcare facilities rapidly improved, the results were evident in the first few weeks of our operations.

The usability of templates & forms, 
Unique Patient Identifier (UPI) code

Each EMR application used by a healthcare facility has built-in customized templates & forms. These are related to different specialties, and based on the narrations of the physicians our transcribers use the relevant template or form for documenting the patient encounter. We are providing transcription support to many healthcare facilities that use the centralized data base of patient demography through a Unique Patient Identifier (UPI) scheme,  the transcribers pull out patient data based on the numeric /alpha numeric code mentioned by the physician while narrating the patient encounter. The patient name & demography are entered into the relevant fields of the templates, while documenting the narrations.

24x7 document workflow advantage

We have a 24x7 document workflow process, and the turn-turn-time that we need to document the narrations is 12 hours. The STAT reports are processed in 2/4/6/8 hours. The healthcare facilities that have an in-house transcription division often find it difficult to maintain a turn-around-time of 12 hours, because their working hours are limited to 8 hours and for 5 days a week. The turn-around-time is a valuable advantage that a remote transcription vendor can only offer.

Cost advantage that only an offshore vendor can offer

The healthcare facilities are charged 9.5¢ for documenting a line of 65 characters. This is a cost advantage that only an offshore transcription vendor can offer because the operations are based in low-wage economies. In comparison, it costs the healthcare facilities 35¢ to 38¢ for a line of 65 characters, because the minimum wages paid to an in-house transcriber is $14 to $15 an hour and added to this is the cost of hardware/software. The healthcare facilities are thus able to reap the benefits from the low transcription costs that remote vendor's offer.

Dial-up Remote Access

We also provide transcription services to healthcare facilities that have an enabled dial-up remote access to their existing EMR/EHR/PM applications. The remote access connection is established using network control protocols to access the programming interface of the EMR/EHR/PM application. The transcribers access the dictations and document them, making them available to the physicians for review.

Observe HIPAA regulations with diligence

We observe HIPAA regulations with diligence and make sure that we comply with all its requirements. The data interchange with the healthcare facilities is through SSL encryption platform. The systems that we use for our operations are password protected and patient records processed by us can be accessed by the staff only on a need-to-know-basis.


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