MedicalTranscriptionsService for Clinics! Change the way your practice works!

MedicalTranscriptionsService has a team of skilled and experienced clinical documentation specialists to provide transcription solutions to clinics across the United States. MTS offers flawless transcription for all specialities at a quick time at an unbeatable rate.
We understand that most of the clinics want to cut down the high in-house operational costs. The reasons why the operational costs are through the roof are:

  • More members to handle documentation needs hence more costs
  • The equipment costs such as staffs computer, transcription equipment and additional software requirements
  • Other expenses which are monthly office rentals, training of staff members on the software and updates, charges paid to the technical team for maintenance of computers.

These make the annual prices go through the roof. MTS helps you in cutting the high operational costs. We understand that you don't want to compromise on quality and time. We can step up to the plate and work to cut the costs and increase your clinic's productivity. Below are our unique features which help us to be the top choice for clinics across U.S.:

  • Dedicated transcriber: A dedicated, skilled and experienced transcriber who understands your documentation needs and deadlines.
  • 100% HIPAA compliant: MTS adheres to HIPAA rules and regulations. The staff is regularly trained and updated about HIPAA guidelines. Data interchange through 128-bit SSL certified platform ensures the encryption of data during transmission.
  • With the help of CDAR2 HL-7V3 interface messenger used by MTS, the transcripts are populated into the required fields of clinics EHR.
  • Monitoring of transcripts by skilled editors: The transcripts are monitored at different levels by skilled editors to ensure 100% quality before delivery.

Now get the advantage of…

  • 100% accurate transcription
  • Fastest Turn Around Time (TAT)
  • Template customization
  • All types of transcription reports at a time frame your clinic needs
  • Dictastar our Android/IOS application will help you send the dictations, monitor the transcription process and receive transcripts.
  • Prices at an unbeatable rate which helps your clinic to cut the operational costs by a high margin
  • 5 day trial offer without any obligation
  • 24/7 service to assure the delivery of your transcription reports at the time frame you need

MedicalTranscriptionsService helps you improve patient engagement:

MTS unloads the burden of your clinics documentation needs so that you can spend time with your patients. The lesser time you spend on documentation the more patients you see, which means an increase in productivity and workflow.

You can call 24/7 toll-free (1-877-272-1572) to request for a free demo of our transcription process.

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