Geriatrics Care Management transcription service

Geriatric care management transcription service

just a phone call away - dial toll free 1-877-272-1572

save valuable time and money 

As a transcription service company we partner with geriatric care managers for documenting geriatric care reports, our services are provided through toll free phone -in-dictation or through an EMR login access. Our services are principally solicited by geriatric care managements that were faced with documentation workflow difficulties, either because of understaffed in-house transcription divisions or because the operational costs had hit the roof. 

Transcription service through phone-in-dictation or EMR login 

We offer geriatric care managers varied service options of soliciting our service, they can use the phone-in-dictation to narrate patient encounters or if the healthcare facilities have an existing EMR application, either Local Area Network based or through a Virtual Private Network connectivity. The technical team of our company in coordination with the IT department of the clinics establishes the connectivity that enables the transcribers from our company to login and access the voice narrations read into the EMR applications centralized voice recording system.

The narrations are documented and made available to the physicians for review. We also provide transcription services to healthcare facilities that use web based EMR applications that are browser based

In-house transcription division a revenue loser 

The many geriatric clinics that we have been partnering with had a functional  in-house transcription division and each transcriber was paid $ 14 to $ 15 an hour as wages and the investment in transcription hardware/software gear cost the clinics a fortune, documenting each single line count of 65 characters cost the clinic 35¢ to 38¢. In comparison for the same line count of 65 characters we charge clinics only 8.5¢ to 9.5¢. The geriatric clinics are thus able to save revenue, which otherwise would have been lost.  

Advantage of 24x7 operations result in quicker turn-around-times 

Our operations function on a 24 x 7 three shift cycles and as a result we are able to maintain the turn-around-time to 12 hours. The in-house transcription division of the clinics takes nearly 36 hours, obviously because they work for only 8 hours and 5 days a week. The geriatric clinics are therefore able to improve the document workflow that is so essential for providing the best patient care. 

HIPAA regulations are fervently observed 

We are a HIPPA compliant company and our secure password protected systems ensure that confidentiality of patient’s medical record is never compromised. The Local Area Network and the Virtual Private Network that we establish with the geriatric clinics is as per HL7 standards. The data interchange is through secure SSL servers. 

Geriatric care EMR templates & forms used for documentations 

  • Assessment/Plan - Geriatric Medicine
  • Physical Exam - Geriatric Medicine
  • Patient Intake Form - Geriatric Medicine
  • Review of Systems - Geriatric Medicine
  • ROI Form - Geriatric Medicine
  • Work Status Report - Geriatric Medicine
  • Diabetes Visit Form - Geriatric Medicine
  • Geriatric Assessment Form - Geriatric Medicine
  • Hepatitis B Form - Geriatric Medicine
  • Nursing Home Visit - Geriatric Medicine
  • ROS Complete - Geriatric Medicine
  • Abdominal Pain Form - Geriatric Medicine
  • Impotence Followup - Geriatric Medicine
  • Pain Screening Form - Geriatric Medicine


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