You are just ten steps away from increasing the revenue of your practice!

iSource offers a ten step billing process to help you along the long winded road to collecting your insurance receivables.  According to a recent finding physician's recover just 60 cents for every dollar billed! To increase the cash flow of your practice iSource provides end to end medical billing services and cover every aspect of the billing cycle, so you don't have to!

The ten step billing process of iSource

  1. We obtain the superbills and detailed patient information from the physician's office through our secure and password protected FTP server.
  2. The medical documents are verified and any missing information or discrepancy is reported immediately by our document verification team.
  3.  The health care documents are sent to the medical coding department to assign CPT and ICD9 codes based on the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System. 
  4. The medical codes are proofed and cross checked by the coding manager.
  5. The accurately medical coded documents are sent to the charge entry department for the first step in creating the claim. A patient account is created and the medical data and insurance details of the patient are entered.
  6.  In the second step of the charge entry process the medical billing charges are entered for each and every code assigned in the document.
  7. The claims are thoroughly verified by our audit department.
  8. The medical claims are transmitted to the insurance provider of the patient.
  9. We do regular follow up with the insurer and maintain precise and updated Accounts receivable aging reports.
  10. And finally ensure that you receive every dollar for the medical services and patient care rendered!  

Specialized denial management team

iSource has a specialized denial management team that keeps tabs on your rejected claims (though we assure, you won't have any after signing up for our services!). Unpaid or denied medical claims are forwarded to our denial management team who carefully analyze the claims and cross check the medical insurance document for errors. We correct the billing flaws and coordinate with the insurance firm for speedy insurance processing and claims settlement.