Get your insurance receivables in just 45 days!

A clean claim can ensure that you receive your insurance reimbursement within just 45 working days! iSource, realizes the importance of accurate and timely claims submission and we generate claims that are detailed, errorless and in total compliance with all standard specifications, regulations and guidelines for submitting insurance claims.

Electronic claims submission for quicker cheques!

Claims that are submitted electronically can reduce human errors such as incomplete forms, missing information and are also processed much quicker than paper claims. Infact while most insurance providers take 15 working days to acknowledge paper claims it takes just two working days to acknowledge an electronically submitted claims form. We offer you electronic claims processing services and can send your claims to over 2500 government payers and commercial insurance providers all over the United States of America. We ensure that the electronic claims generated by us, meet all the claim implementation guides accepted and adopted as national standard under HIPAA.  

Compliance with claims form requirements

iSource submits claims in the latest electronic versions of claims forms that are accepted by insurers for filing claims. We have worked extensively with CMS 1500, HCFA 1500, UB-04 or CMS 1450 which are the most common claims forms processed and acknowledged by insurance firms. We ensure that all our claims forms contain correct national standard coding. Correct assignment of codes and charges while submitting your claims, plays a vital role when the insurer processes your insurance claims.

We work round the clock so you get your payment on time!

iSource works 24x7 as we understand that in the healthcare industry time is a crucial component. All insurers have a stipulated timeframe for accepting claims. A claim report has to be created, filed and transmitted within that time period. It is usually 180 days from the date of providing medical service. We work swiftly to meet the time frame requirements, and provide and submit timely electronic claims.