All inclusive Allscripts Ehr integrated medical billing services!

Allscripts is the ehr application of choice for 180,000 physicians. And if you are one among the 180,000 physician users you can now be assured of not just a smoother workflow of your practice but quicker reimbursement as well! Yes, we offer accredited medical billing services that can integrate with the revenue cycle management feature of the Allscripts application.

In other words we understand and can work with your Allscripts ehr application, and can build and sustain a streamlined and highly profitable medical billing process.
allscripts EHR

We have a clear and thorough understanding of Payerpath

Payerpath is one special feature of Allscripts that most physicians find useful and intuitive. iSource can work with Payerpath Eligibility to help you verify patient insurance details and eligibility. We ensure that the insurance coverage and carrier data is updated regularly and you gain not only anytime access to your patient eligibility data, but the most updated version as well.

Our patient scheduling services can be integrated with the Payerpath Call feature. It can help you have an automated patient scheduling system in place and also customized patient visits schedule in accordance to your time and convenience.

Three reasons why our Allscripts integrated medical billing package is the best deal!

  1. We offer highly secure, Hl7 compliant, certified medical billing services, which can help your practice in achieving ARRA compliance.
  1. As our medical coding and billing services, is available 24x7 the financial information in your emr is always current and constantly updated.
  1. We are affordably priced and have worked with insurers and carriers all across the United States.

Raising the bar

iSource has reinvented itself with the emerging changes in the healthcare sector. And our Allscripts emr integrated medical billing services is one small step towards our never ending journey, and promise of, offering leading edge medical billing services that brings welcome changes to your revenue cycle without changing in any way the way you work.

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