Expert pediatric billing services that can make your workdays more productive!

iSource is as much a part of the pediatrician's world as Infanrix, Enfamil or yelling babies, as we offer the best pediatrics medical coding and billing support to hospitals, pediatric clinics, child health care centers, baby clinics, out patient clinics and are a trusted ally of pediatricians, all across the United States.

Spend valuable time on your patients not their records!

Pediatrics is a very demanding field and anybody dealing with children would surely agree that it could be a very challenging job as well. Being neck deep with insurance paperwork and haggling with insurance providers would be the last thing you'd want to do. And thankfully you don't have to as we offer an all inclusive pediatrics coding and billing services that can help you invest more time on your patients and practice.

The three main advantages of working with us are

  • We follow the coding system and guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and issue CPT codes accordingly.
  • We provide expert Pediatric Immunization Administration Codes that can be tricky and complicated for a novice coder but certainly not for us as we have an experienced and qualified task force.
  • Our pediatrics coding and billing services are nominally priced and we are consistently prompt and timely.

We know when little Kim walked into your office!

iSource follows a systematic medical billing database and we keep updated and accurate records on the details of your patient. We include the face sheet of the patient, physician details and the medical service, when we file your claims so there are minimal chances of your claims being rejected. We constantly update you, during every step of the billing cycle so you have a clear account of the claims we generate and follow up on.

24x7 pediatric billing services for a 24x7 field!

We offer 24x7 pediatric billing services and are available all the time, every time! We understand the fast clip at which the pediatrics field works, and work on all days and nights so you are assured of faster insurance payment.