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It is going to be a hectic year ahead for the medical fraternity of the United States of America with 2013 just round the corner! When the deadline for adopting and following ICD 10 was announced or rather postponed to 2013, in early 2009, it seemed light years away.

But now physicians and medical practices have less time on their hands, and with the introduction of form 5010, the HIPAA deadline for meaningful usage of EMR software, and of course ICD 10, the whole medical industry is working at breakneck speed towards complying with and meeting the various and changes and challenges ahead.  

 Why is ICD10 giving sleepless nights to the medical fraternity?

According to a recent estimate the overall costs of implementing the ICD10 in the total health care system would be around 2 billion dollars. Apart from the staggering amount of money involved, installing and upgrading software, revamping the current billing process, trying to run a medical practice and go back home on time can be a lot on the plate.

Here is how we can help you out!

The ICD10 codes are a lot more extensive, categorical and specific than the ICD9 set of codes. It is five times larger and has about 68,000 codes whereas ICD9 has about 14,000 codes. To deal with the newer and voluminous coding system your major expenses and worries would be

  • Recruiting additional coding and billing staff to keep up with the increased volume of work.
  • Training staff
  • Adapt to a sea change in the workflow of your health care practice

You can avoid these three major roadblocks along your way to successfully implementing the ICD10 coding system by working with iSource.

We offer you unparalleled ICD10 coding and billing support

Joining hands with iSource can save you the trouble and costs of hiring new workforce or training your staff. Our, team of coders are proficient with ICD10 codes and are ready to embrace the winds of change as we’ve been in the business of professional medical coding and billing services for several years. And implementing and following new healthcare guidelines for coding and billing is a part of our regular day at office.

You don’t have to disrupt the everyday workflow of your organization as we not only offer expert ICD10 coding support but also can integrate seamlessly with your regular work routine.

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