Join hands with iSource and let denied claims be a thing of the past!

Running a hospital can be the most challenging task on earth. To make decisions that can impact another person’s life is no easy job and long winded insurance process, aging AR reports that are gathering dust and denied claims only make the job tougher. isource can make you breathe a little easy, as our personalized medical billing and coding services are designed to do just that!

We have a solution for all your problems!

Is the inhouse billing executive of your hospital driving you up the wall with slip shoddy ways of working and building up ever piling reports that have to be filed and sent to the insurance provider? Are you tired of verifying your medical coding reports and find glaring errors that could not only send your claims to the rejected list or worse still make your hospital legally accountable? If the answer is yes, the easiest way to streamlining and quickening the workflow of your organization, is working with isource.

Retrieve every dollar you spent on patient care!

isource can help you get back every dollar of your time and effort spent in providing medical services. There are many hospitals that don’t follow up on low revenue bills as paying for medical coding services can cost more than the bill to be reimbursed. At isource we promise that you won’t ever have to write off a single dollar!

We have a trained work force, who are, adept and experienced at providing medical coding and billing services and our turn around time is 36 hours upon receiving super bills. Yes just three days and the best news is that it is three days and not three working days! Our services are available 24x7 and we work round the clock on all days. So you don’t have to think twice before sending us your insurance paperwork during Christmas or Thanksgiving.

And, a few other reasons why working with us can be just what the doctor ordered!

  • We follow a working model that can integrate seamlessly with the workflow of your hospital.
  • Specialized and dedicated teams to handle different aspects of the billing cycle.
  • You could send us your medical data to our secure FTP server or through PC Anywhere access and either way we can assure you utmost data security.
  • We have a denial management team to analyze and work on your denied claims.
  • We can assign you a unique toll free fax number absolutely free of cost.
  • And all this is not going to cost you the earth as our medical coding and medical billing services are economically priced and can save you 30 to 40% of your operational costs.