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Kareo is the favorite medical billing software of office managers, practice managers, owners and presidents of medical facilities, and yes, physicians! Wouldn’t it be great if you could work with a medical billing services provider, who can utilize every detail and feature of the Kareo billing software to maximize the profitability of your practice? 

iSource has offered medical coding and billing support to Kareo users to help in the financial and administrative workflow of healthcare facilities. If you are in the administrative side of a medical organization here is how we can make your workload a whole lot lighter! kareo emr software

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We have an insider’s knowledge of the Kareo billing and collections software and the charge entry, medical coding, payment posting, collections management, fee schedules and contracts, one click patient verification feature and the other unique features of Kareo. Well this means your medical billing cycle is right as rain and works without a slipup. And our 24x7 medical coding and billing services ensures that it works without a pause as well.

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One of the major advantages of Kareo is that it can integrate with major emr/ehr applications such as Practice fusion, Quest Diagnostics, MD-IT, WebChartNow and other widely used ehr applications. iSource offers highly secure, ehr friendly medical billing services and we can not only work hand in hand with your Kareo account but also your emr/ehr application.

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Kareo is user friendly but the able support of a professional medical billing firm is necessary to glean and make use of the varied medical billing options it offers. If you’ve realized that an accredited medical coding and billing services provider who can work with your Kareo user account to maximize profitability, is the best option for your practice, give us a call, today.

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Our Kareo friendly medical coding and billing services is there for you at all times and we are thoroughly HIPAA compliant, secure and swift. Our certified medical coding and billing solutions are low priced and can reduce your operational expenditure without reducing the time and effort spent on your billing process.

Kareo users call iSource at 888-571-9069 to decrease your workload and increase your profit.