Keep regular tabs on your billing process!

iSource believes in working closely with its clients and we work like we are in your office. It doesn’t take a dozen calls to find out about your billing process. We instead, keep you posted periodically on the amount of work covered. You can have a clear account of your billing progress and can be assured of periodic work reports.

Be assured of prompt daily reports towards the end of the day, everyday

In the fast paced healthcare information industry every hour counts. We ensure that we send you a clear and updated billing report after every twenty four hours. You can bank on us to work efficiently and swiftly and our reports would reflect the professionalism and swiftness of our medical coding and billing services.

We also send you weekly and biweekly reports

A weekly or biweekly report about your accounts receivables and the amount of outstanding and collected claims can ensure a smoother workflow of your organization. It can help in the auditing process. As we are available on our toll free number 24x7 you can always give us a call any time you need clarifications regarding your billing process.

Complete and comprehensive monthly billing reports so you don’t have to keep your fingers crossed!

iSource sends you a precise and unambiguous monthly report so you can have a clear understanding and a handle of your bills and insurance claims. We send you a financial report towards the end of the month and also an indexed report about our medical coding and billing services. Our reports can also aid you in maintaining a blueprint of the accounts and financial transactions of your organization.

We take care of your financial health

One of the main concerns and reservations health care providers have of working with a medical coding and billing services provider, is the number of calls and mails it takes to get regular updates. The other main concern is that of informational security as medical records are of highly confidential nature. Working with us can help you brush aside both these worries as we offer you periodical work reports and also the highest security of your health care data.