Mired with insurance verification work? isource can help you out

isource follows a clear cut and structured insurance verification process that can prevent rejected or inappropriate claims. We follow a streamlined eligibility verification system to cross check claims. Verification of the eligibility of the patient and the primary, secondary and tertiary coverage of the patient can iron out wrinkles and ensure a hassle free billing cycle.

Explanation of benefits; the key that can open the door for a quick and accelerated process!

A clear understanding and knowledge of the explanation of benefits can determine the eligibility of the patient and the medical insurance coverages and services they are entitled to. We understand that managing, maintaining and updating the explanation of benefits forms of the patient can avoid potential confusion during the charge entry and claims generating process.

Make sure your claims are not turned down by the insurer

Our verification process of your patients can ensure that your claims don't end up languishing for months on end and being rejected by the payer. It is a well established fact that most medical claims are rejected at the gateway of the insurance firms due to the ineligibility of the patient. And, yes it is not possible for you to keep track of all the patients who walk into your office and maintain updates on their health insurance benefits. And that is why we do it for you!

Don’t end up becoming the bill collector of your medical practice!

Most physicians are forced to turn bill collectors when they find out that the medical services they rendered are not covered by the insurer of the patient. It is a common occurrence as most patients do not notify the doctor’s office when they switch health plans or jobs! For once it is not your headache as our completely networked insurance verification process can communicate with the insurer of the patient. Sign up for our medical billing and coding services and get rid of niggling worries, delayed cheques and tedious documentation work.