Gift your practice the best medical billing pricing deals in the industry!

iSource offers HIPAA compliant, 24x7 medical billing services that can save money without forcing you to make compromises on quality. We offer medical billing prices that are low cost, and as a welcome relief, thoroughly transparent.

 Have a glance at our medical billing quotes to know how we can help you run a profitable practice without putting in long hours at work.

4 practice specific medical billing packages at the lowest medical billing rates

  • Full service package
  • FTE package
  • Data processing package
  • Account receivable package

The best medical billing package you can choose at just 7 % of your net collection

The full service package offered at iSource offers end to end medical billing services, and covers every aspect, phase and component of your medical billing process. It includes claims generating, charge entry, forwarding claims to the insurer, cash posting, AR follow up and denial management services.

In other words all you have to do is pick up your phone and give us a call and we’ll take care of your entire medical billing requirements. And, all this at the medical billing price of just five to seven percent of your AR collection amount is certainly the healthiest choice you could ever make!

Top of the line FTE package available, anytime you call

Our full time equivalent or FTE package is available at 8 to 12 $ per hour. As you are charged on an hourly basis depending on the speed and volume of the medical billing work we do, you can be rest assured that your billing needs are being taken care of.

iSource does not resort to vague promises as we don’t have the need to. This is the volume of work we can assure you of per hour.

  • Demographic Entry 100 Face Sheets.
  • Charge Entry 150 Charge Sheets.
  • EOB Posting 300 Line Items.

Data processing services at prices as low as 50 cents

Pay just $ 1.25 per claim for patient demographic entry, charge entry & payment/cash posting entry. Pay less than a dollar for patient demographic entry and charge entry as we offer a medical billing cost of just 75 cents for these services, per claim. And for half a dollar we can do payment/ cash posting entry for you! At 50 cents this is the most reasonable medical billing rate you can avail of.

Accounts receivable package for accounts receivable processing

We offer practice specific accounts receivable processing services at medical billing prices that are one of the lowest in the world. We also process aging AR reports.

Our medical billing rates for processing aging AR reports

We charge just 2 percent of your collection for account receivables that are 31 to 60 days old. Pay a meager 3 percent of your collection amount for reports that are 61 to 90 days old. And if it’s more than three months old i.e. 91 days, we charge a medical billing price of 4 percent of your total collection.

Our calling rates

For once you don’t have to be scared of your phone bill, as we charge a low 0.75 cents per call. And for 300 resolutions per week including Pt calling, we charge our clients just 7$ per hour.

Choose your payment mode!

iSource accepts all major credit cards such as Master card, Visa card and you can also pay us via PayPal or Google Checkout. You can also send us a pay check to 23441, Golden Springs Drive, # 34 Diamond Bar, California 91765.