Hate filing and following up on insurance claims?! We can sort things out for you!

How often do you get calls from patients who contact your office to know why their insurance claims were rejected? You ofcourse cannot admit that you are as clueless as they are, and spend hours on end going through medical records that were filed six months ago. To help you save your time and focus on your medical practice and patients, iSource offers insurance billing and coding services that can make you sit back and relax.

Insurance coding services that can make your life easier

iSource provides insurance coding services that are comprehensive and in complete compliance with all national coding systems. We have a coding manager who proofreads all coded data as incorrect medical coding can lead to overbilling, under billing and if you are referring your patient to another specialist it could lead to incorrect medical treatment. Instead of losing your sleep and dollars on incorrect or outdated insurance codes, sign up for our services and be assured of accurate and updated CPT codes, ICD-9 codes and HCPCS codes.

Medical billing bloopers can cost you a lot!

A recent statistic says that nine out of ten medical claims submitted consists of billing mistakes. Medical billing errors have become alarmingly common and to avoid delayed or denied insurance reimbursement, it is essential that you work with a professional insurance billing firm. iSource offers insurance billing services that can guarantee you quicker cheques and a far more efficient and streamlined healthcare organization.

You don’t ever have to write off any of your insurance claims!

Some insurance codes encompass more than one medical procedure. Assigning separate codes and billing separately can lead to rejected claims. Furthermore it is not the patient’s liability if a particular medical service is not covered by his insurer. The onus is on the physician, and doctors all over the globe have to adjust or write off medical claims routinely due to small oversights or bloopers. iSource promises and goes the extra mile to ensure that you never again have to compensate or waive off insurance claims. We offer insurance coding and billing services that can make the bumpy road to recovering your insurance reimbursement a whole lot easier!