Unmatched quality: The wind beneath our wings!

Being the, trusted medical coding and billing service provider, to health care organizations around the globe is no mean task! To sustain and improvise the high standards we are associated with, iSource follows and adheres to strict quality regulations that are never compromised, no matter how tight our deadline is!

We are tuned in to your needs!

iSource creates and maintains a separate and client specific, accounts manual. The manual consists of information about the client and the procedures and workflow of that particular medical organization.  We update the individual accounts manual periodically. This helps us to offer medical coding and billing services that blend in seamlessly with the work system of your practice or organization.

We don’t rest on our laurels

We understand that quality is what that can set us apart and have an edge over our competitors. We ensure frequent quality checks are carried out and the performance of every employee on our payroll is regularly evaluated. We have a three tier quality analysis system and have strict quality parameters our employees will have to adhere to.

Your word means the world to us!

iSource tries to implement and accommodate every suggestion given by our customers. We document and analyze the feedback of our clients on a regular basis. We ensure that we stay in the loop and are aware of every little thing you have to say about our services.

On the rare occasions we receive negative feedback from our clients (we all have bad days at work!) we rectify our mistakes and better ourselves, and, yes, we act fast! We try to get rid of the potholes along the way, as soon as we can, and ensure that we receive a pat on the back sooner rather than later from the selfsame client.

We fine tune ourselves to be a step ahead always

The medical coding and billing field is a dynamic one and we take every effort possible to keep ourselves updated with the latest developments and advancements in the health care domain. We hold regular training sessions for our coding and billing team so they always stay abreast and updated. We also conduct and participate in seminars related to the health care world so no new development in the medical field escapes our eye!

iSource also has a dedicated team of staffers who keep track of the latest HIPAA regulations and the various security and regulatory measures related to the handling and transferring of medical data.