Colon and Rectal Surgery Transcription Service

           colon and rectal surgery transcription service

Colon & Rectal surgeons can now make patient care their top priority, because the documentation workflow of the clinic can now be easily taken care of by our company’s special colon & rectal surgery transcription service. Over a period of time, we’ve provided web-based transcription support to several colon & rectal clinics. 

These clinics did not have stable document workflows and the in-house transcribers in the clinics were few or were not available at all. The emphasis of the clinics centered on the management of disease such as colorectal cancer, diverticulitis and Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis etc.  

The large volumes of documenting patient records under the circumstances required a professional setup that could ensure a continuous document workflow, this wasn’t happening in the clinics in-house division, as a result the quality of patient care could not be sustained and it resulted in backlogs. 

Toll free phone-in-dictation or login access into the EMR application  

We offer colon & rectal surgeon’s different options of soliciting the transcription service from us. The phone-in-dictation allows the colon and rectal surgeons to dial our toll free number and enter a unique code, before narrating patient encounters into our servers. We document the dictations and send the transcripts to the physicians by email. The unique code is made available to the clinics by our customer care that can be reached on the toll free number 1-877-272-1572. 

If the clinics use an Electronic Medical Record software for maintaining patient records, depending on the software application in use by the clinics we can directly log into the browser based EMR application that is setup through a LAN or if the application does not support a login through the LAN, we can setup a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that will facilitate the transcribers from our company to login ,access and document the physician’s dictations that are read into the centralized voice system. The technical teams from our company in coordination with the IT staff of the clinic enable the setup in real quick time. 

Rapid improvement in turn-around-time 

We process and document the physician’s dictations in just 12 hours, regardless of whether clinics use the phone-in-dictation or allow us access into the EMR application, the turn-around-time remains 12 hours. This is a major advantage clinics experience soliciting transcription service form us, the turn-around-time is just 12 hours, this usually takes an in-house division 36 hours or more. 

Just 8.5¢  to 9.5¢ for a line of 65 characters, fraction of the in-house cost 

When colon & rectal surgery clinics solicit the transcription service from us they pay us only a fraction of what it usually cost them doing it in-house, for example a clinic pays $14 to $15 an hour to an in-house transcriber and added to that is the other overhead cost that includes hardware/software. This cost the clinics 35¢ to 38¢ for documenting a single line. We charge clinics just 8.5¢ to 9.5¢, and if clinics solicit our services for large voluminous documentations, we offer them a special price. 

HIPAA compliance enjoys our primary attention 

We ensure the privacy of all health records, HIPAA compliance occupies our primary attention, all data that is interchanged is through secure servers and SSL encryption enabled. The services that we offer through a VPN setup are of HL7 standards, a HIPAA mandatory requirement.  

Why not make use of the 7-day free trial to know us better? 

Colorectal clinics can sign-up for a 7-day free trial, just to get the essence of our service, the transcribers will document 40 to 50 reports during the free trial either logging into the EMR application or through the VPN setup or processing the narrations through the phone-in-dictations. These can be reviewed by the clinics for quality and accuracy, including the turn-around-time taken for processing them.  

The standard templates & forms used for documenting colorectal reports 

  • Screening and Surveillance reports for Colon Cancer
  • Colonoscopy reports
  • Laparoscopic Colon Surgery/Minimally Invasive Intestinal Surgery reports
  • Reports for Diagnostic Testing for Incontinence
  • Reports for Diagnostic Testing for Constipation/Loose Stools
  • Colostomy Sparing Surgery report
  • Report for Ultrasound Staging of Rectal Cancer
  • Robotic Surgery report
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