Cytopathology Consultation Note Transcription Service

Cytologist can say bye to their struggles,
Cytopathology consultant notes now documented online 

When cytology clinics struggle to meet deadlines for documenting cytopathology consultant notes, either because the in-house transcriber reported sick or disappeared, we offer the clinics online transcription support, thus making sure that their deadlines are never transgressed. The clinics are offered multiple choices of soliciting the service, either through the phone-in-dictation that we provide or through VPN connectivity.  

How the toll free phone-in-dictation works? 

The physicians can dial the toll free number and narrate the cytopathology test findings. The phone-in-dictation has user friendly menus allowing different options to the physicians, the dictations for instance are saved on our servers and at any point in time these can be refereed by the physicians by using various menu options.

How VPN connectivity is setup with the diagnostic EMR?

The technical team from Medical Transcriptions Service in coordination with the IT staff of the cytology clinics setup a web based VPN connectivity with the diagnostic EMR that is in use by the clinic, with a login access enabled the transcribers of our company log into the application and document the dictations that are available in the centralized voice system of the software. 

What are the cost advantages available for ‘outsourcing’ the transcription service? 

There is tremendous cost advantage available to cytology clinics, for example we charge 8.5¢  to 9.5¢ for a line of 65 characters, and this price is based on the volume of reports assigned to us, but if the clinics choose to do it in-house the cost escalates to 35¢ to 40¢,  needless to say that the huge cost advantage the clinics have cannot be ignored, notwithstanding losing out on the federal government tax cuts. 

What about the turn-around-time, how different is it from doing it in-house? 

The standard turn-around-time that we take is 12 hours, regardless of whether it is through the phone-in-dictation or through the VPN connectivity. The clinics in-house staffs take a minimum of 36 hours to document the transcripts, because our document work-flow is ceaseless, meaning we are a 24x7 company, we have a turn-around-time advantage that cytology clinics can benefit from. The STAT reports are delivered in 2 to 4 hours, whereas considering that in-house staff work for only 8 hours, no way will they be able to deliver the STAT reports in 2 hours. 

What about the HIPAA regulations, are they taken seriously? 

Yes indeed, HIPAA regulations are scrupulously observed by us. The VPN that we setup is as per HL7 standards, and we have ICSA certified firewall, besides the data interchange is SSL supported and encrypted, a user name and password is required to access any information on our systems. 

Is there a free trial available to check out the services? 

We offer a free trial of 7 days to clinics to evaluate our services, our transcribers during the free trial shall document 40 to 50 reports that can screened for accuracy and quality. Call our toll free customer support at 1-877-272-1572 for more information for any of our services. 

What are the different cytology reports that can be processed by the transcribers of the company? 

  • Gynecology cytology
  • Urinary tract cytology
  • Effusion cytology
  • Breast cytology
  • Thyroid cytology
  • Lymph node cytology
  • Respiratory cytology
  • Gastrointestinal cytology
  • Soft tissue, bone and skin cytology
  • Kidney and adrenal cytology
  • Liver and pancreas cytology
  • Central nervous system cytology
  • Eye cytology
  • Salivary gland cytology

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