Dentistry Transcription Services

Are documentation workflow tasks proving to be irksome?
We offer dentistry transcription service at throw-away costs 
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When cosmetic dentist, endodentists or family & general dentist have irksome documentation workflows,our company offers them specialized dentistry transcription service. The clinics use our toll free phone-in-dictation to narrate patient encounters into our servers or we log into the EMR application software, which is in use by the dentistry clinic. The narrations are then documented by the medical transcribers of our company. 

Service offering at reduced rates of just 8.5¢  to 9.5¢ a line of 65 characters 

If you compare the costs involved in documenting dentistry reports in-house, you will realize that we charge a fraction of what it cost clinics that do it in-house, for example the average minimum wage paid to a medical transcriber in the United States is $14 to $15 an hour, and added to that are overhead costs by way of investment in infrastructure etc. This costs the clinics roughly 35¢ to 38¢ for a line of 65 characters. We only charge them 8.5¢ to 9.5¢ for a 65 character line, and if our services are hired for very high volume of transcriptions, a special pricing is applied. 

Reports are processed at a vibrant turn-around-time of 12 hours 

It takes our transcribers 12 hours to document the narrations of the dentist, regardless of whether the dentist use the toll free phone-in-dictation or allow us login access into their systems. The in-house division of a clinic takes a minimum of 36 hours to process the same, working as they are for just 8 hours a day. In comparison our operations are 24 X 7 allowing us to deliver the dentistry reports in 12 hours. 

Dentistry clinics can call our toll free number to enable the phone-in-dictation service or setup a login for the EMR 

The dental clinics that wish to use the toll free phone-in-dictation are allotted a unique code that they need to enter while narrating the patient encounters, the service can be setup by calling our customer care. The login to the EMR software application of the clinic is made possible by the technical team of our company, which coordinates with the IT staff of the clinic in setting up the service, this applies to setting up a Local Area Network (LAN) or Virtual Private Network (VPN), either way the customer support can assist the clinic in getting started in real quick time. 

HIPAA compliant environment 

HIPAA regulations are observed in strict compliance and health information of the patients is never disclosed or discussed. All data that is interchanged is through SSL encryption. The LAN or the VPN that is setup with the clinics is as per HL-7 standards.  

Assess us with a 7-day free trial 

We are  offering a 7-day free trial to Cosmetic Dentist, Endodontists, Family & General Dentist, Oral Surgeons, Orthodontists, Pediatric Dentists, Periodontists, Prosthodontist, Sedation Dentists, during the free trial the transcribers from our company will document 40 to 50 reports that can be assessed by the clinics for accuracy & quality, call the customer support to signup for the free trial. 

  • Oral Examination & treatment plan
  • General Dentistry Examination
  • Dental Nursing Home Note
  • Dental History Intake
  • Dental Procedure Note
  • Endodontic Treatment Note
  • Periodontic Examination Note
  • Periodontic Treatment Note
  • Fixed Prosthodontics Note
  • Prosthodontic Implant Note
  • Maxillofacial/Equilibration Note
  • Removable Prosthodontics Note
  • Dental Implant treatment Note
  • OMFS Post Surgical Note
  • OMFS Pre-Surgical Note
  • OMFS Consultant Note

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