Dental billing services that will make you smile in relief!

Dentists the world over will have to deal with, apart from noisy and panicky patients, a billing system that can be equally challenging and confounding. If, your team doesn’t deliver on its promises or if you are bogged down by coding errors, iSource can be your answer. We offer expert, comprehensive and leading edge dentistry billing solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Five reasons why our dental coding and billing services can be the best solution for your practice!

  • We value the security of your data as much as you do!

At iSource we go the extra mile to ensure your medical data is in safe hands. We comply with all HIPAA norms and the medical data transfer is through a secure VPN connection that we establish with the dentist’s office. The informational security of your data is protected by a secure encrypted password and can be accessed only by authorized users.

iSource has across the board experience of working with, dental practice management softwares. We have worked with all leading dental billing softwares such as Practisoft, Denticon software, Curve dental, Softdent, to name a few.

iSource has offeres services to dentists, dental clinics, and dental departments of hospitals, oral health clinics and dentistry practices all over the United States. And we have been the consistent favorites as our dental billing package includes and provides specialized services and solutions to every phase of the cycle.

  • We know every code in the book!

If most adults fear a trip to the dentist, most dentists spend sleepless nights worried about assigning exact dental codes! At iSource, we have a team of dental coders who are knowledgeable, experienced, and comply with, the CDT codes issued by the American Dental Association. We put in extensive groundwork to cross-link every CDT code with its appropriate CPT code and ICD 09 diagnostic codes. So you can be rest assured that coding bloopers never again, are a road bump, on your way to collecting your insurance receivables.

  • Specialized pediatric dental billing services

If you run a pediatric dental practice and find no time to concentrate on your billing process here is help at hand. We offer up and down pediatric dental coding services and closely follow the updates and regulations of the American Association of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD). Click here to know more about the specialized pediatric dental services we offer.

Lower your price tag not your expectations

At iSource we offer prices that are as irresistible as the professionalism and timeliness of our dental billing services. If you are looking to save on and reduce your operational costs without having to put up with substandard or inconsistent services, touch base with us at 1-(877)-272-1572.