Medical transcribing solutions for single physician medical practices!

MedicalTranscriptionsService works 24/7 to provide quality transcription to physicians as per their practice specific needs across the U.S. The most common challenges faced by single physician medical practices areā€¦

  • Lack of skilled and experienced transcribers
  • More time spent on non-clinical activities such as documentation
  • Untrained staff to work on documentation due to lack of resources
  • Operational pressures
  • Less or no time to focus on EMR integration or Template customization.

We at MTS understand the above challenges faced by doctors running small medical practices. We assign a dedicated transcriber for each doctor. Our transcribers are skilled and experienced and have deep knowledge on EMR template customization. Every transcript goes through 3 tiered quality checks and the transcription process is monitored to maintain the high standard of quality.

100% HIPAA compliant

MTS adheres to HIPAA rules and regulations. The staff is regularly trained and updated about the HIPAA guidelines. Data interchange through 128-bit SSL certified platform ensures the encryption of data during transmission.

Seamless integration with all types of EMRs/EHRs

Our expert technical team can integrate our transcription platform with any EMR/EHR. We are completely HL7 compliant. We have access to the EMRs and EHRs of most of the medical practices we work with. Out transcribers post transcripts directly into your system and populate templates. As single physician practices run on limited resources, our EMR integrated transcribing solutions can be a huge time-saver!

Some of the other unique features we provide are:

  • 100% accurate transcription
  • Quick Turn Around Time (TAT)
  • Practice specific transcription service
  • Annual in-house transcription costs are cut by a high margin
  • 5-day trial offer
  • Round the clock service so that no call is unanswered at our toll free number (1-877-272-1572)

Ask for a free trial today!

What comes at a low price is a low quality? You cannot be more wrong! Check out the 5 day free trial without any obligations. You can call on the toll free number and record your dictation on (1-877-272-1572) or upload it on the web. The transcription will be delivered within 12 hours.
If you would like to know the cost comparison of the in-house transcriber in different states then follow the link
Outsourcing VS In-house cost challenges in various states...

MedicalTranscriptionsService offers transcription for all specialities:

MTS offers flawless transcriptions for all medical specialities. Record your dictations and upload it for a free trial to know the quality of our services.

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