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When a hematology lab in Dallas -TX called our customer support to find out if we could provide transcription support for documenting hematology consultation notes, ‘yes’ was the prompt reply offered by the executive to the administrator of the lab. He further wanted to know what were the different kinds of reports that we processed, the executive replied that apart from hematology consultation notes, the company offered documentations for microbiology lab report, histology lab report, blood lab report, cbc lab report, urine analysis lab report, bacteria lab report and chemistry lab report.

The administrator was a hard task master, and had a lot of questions to ask, and continuing with the conversation wanted to find out how to get started. The executive replied that they could use the toll free phone-in-dictation or the company could setup Virtual Private Network connectivity with the EMR application, which is used by the lab, the executive explained that the technical team in co-ordination with the IT can get that started.

Further, what is the turn around time? Asked the administrator - it was 12 hours, replied the executive, and what about the HIPAA regulations, was the company aware of them? Yes, replied the executive, we observe all the regulations, and further added that the VPN setup that the company established was of HL-7 standards, besides all data related to patient records that was interchanged was
SSL encrypted.

Now, how much does the company charge asked the administrator, our executive replied that it was 8.5¢ to 9.5¢ for a line of 65 characters, this was the company’s standard pricing, and further went on to add that special pricing can be arranged for large volumes of transcription assignments.

Ok - do the transcribers of your company know how to use different templates that are available in the EMR application? Yes said the executive, we are offering our services to 26 different Hematology Labs across the United States, and at different locations, if he needed references the company could arrange for one. Oh okay, said the administrator and continuing further, our executive added that the company offered a 7-day free trial, during this period the transcribers from our company will document 40 to 50 reports that the lab could evaluate for quality and accuracy.

The administrator said, “fine - I want to get started now and signup for the 7 day free trial, could you ask your technical team to call us and setup the VPN with our labs EMR application, we want to get started quickly because our document workflow has come to a standstill, we are having problems hiring transcribers to work in-house”. Sure I shall have that done as quickly as possible replied our executive.

The lab after a careful evaluation of the quality of the Hematology Consultation Notes sent us a Business Associate Agreement, which is currently in force. We are taking care of the labs documentations. These are being done using the following forms and templates:

  • Post Intrathecal Chemo / LP - Hematology
  • Paclitaxel Chemotherapy Treatment Orders - Hematology
  • Infusion Center - Hypersensitivity Reaction Treatment Orders - Hematology
  • Clinical Trial Chemotherapy Orders - Hematology
  • Cisplatin - Chemotherapy Treatment Orders - Hematology
  • Chemotherapy Orders - Hematology
  • Chemotherapy Treatment Orders - Hematology
  • Chemotherapy Orders For Darbepoetin - Hematology
  • Chemotherapy Orders For Cetuximab - Hematology
  • Chemotherapy Orders For Bortezomib - Hematology
  • Cancer Center -I.V.-ACAN - Hematology
  • Cancer Center Carboplatin Chemotherapy Treatment Orders - Hematology
  • Cancer Center Scheduling Worksheet - Hematology

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