Podiatry Transcription

Web-based documentation support for Podiatrists
at a friendly cost of just 8.5¢/line
Dial 1-877-272-1572 for Podiatry Transcriptions

Podiatrists can now solicit web-based documentation support for podiatry transcriptions. They can narrate patient encounters by dialing our toll free phone-in-dictation and entering a unique code allocated to the physicians that signup for the service.

 If healthcare facilities are supported with an existing EMR/EHR/PM software application, the technical team from our company in coordination with the IT division of the facility establishes a setup through Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity. This enables the medical transcribers from our company to log into the application and access the physician narrations for documenting them.

We also provide Lanier Transcriptions to healthcare facilities that use standalone dictation systems such as Crescendo, Lanier Swift and Digital Portables.

Service offered at friendly costs of just 8.5¢ to 9.5¢ line

We are offering the web-based Podiatry Transcription service at a very friendly cost of just 8.5¢ to 9.5¢ for a line of 65 characters. When you compare our cost with the healthcare facilities that do it in-house, our charges are a third of what it costs the facilities that do it in-house. The minimum wages that are paid to an in-house transcriber is $ 14 to $ 15 an hour, added to this are overheads, including the costs of hardware/software, and under the circumstances the estimated cost that healthcare facilities incur is around 35¢ to 38¢ for a line of 65 characters.

24x7 web-based document workflow enables a 12 hour turn-around-time

Our 24x7 operations ensures that document workflow is continuous, and so when Podiatrist narrate patient encounters using the toll free phone-in-dictation or into the EMR applications voice recording system, they are able to review the documented report in 12 hours, a turn-around-time advantage that only a 24x7 web-based service can provide. This advantage is not possible for a healthcare facilities in-house division to provide, mainly because their workflow operations are for 8 hours and 5 days a week, so the turn-around-time that they may take to process the narrations may exceed 36 hours.

Compliance of HIPAA regulations principal policy of our company

We have an excellent track record of HIPAA compliance, and in the ten years of our operations we have had the opportunity of offering our services to many healthcare facilities across United States. The trust and confidence reposed in us, by these facilities would not have been possible if HIPAA regulations were at any point-in-time breached. We have secure systems and access to patient’s medical records is only on need-to-know basis through a secure password. The VPN connectivity that we establish is as per HL7 standards.

7-day free trial for service evaluation

Podiatrist now can avail a 7-day free trial, during which the transcribers from our company shall document 40 to 50 narrations that will be made available to the physicians for review. They can checkout the quality and the accuracy of the reports and the turn-around-time taken to process them. Call our 24x7 customer care on    toll free number 1-877-272-1572 for using the 7-day free trial.

Podiatry specific EMR/EHR/PM  templates & forms used for documenting reports

    ·  Ankle Sprain Template
    ·  Bunion Template
    ·  Ingrown Nail Template
    ·  Bursitis Template
    ·  Foot Fracture Template
    ·  Achilles Tendonitis Template
    ·  Neuroma Template
    ·  Orthotics Template
    ·  Diabetes Initial/FU Template
    ·  Point-n-Click Podiatry SOAP Note Templates
    ·  Custom Podiatry SOAP Note Templates
    ·  Referral Letter Templates
    ·  and other customized podiatry EHR templates..

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