Radiology billing services that can guarantee quicker cheques!

Radiology billing services that are bankable and come with an inexpensive price tag, is the hope and dream of all radiologists. iSource, understanding the need for a comprehensive radiology billing package, provides radiology specific coding and billing services that can make your days in office a whole lot easier and productive!

We understand radiology as much as you do!

Assigning codes for radiology is a lot more challenging than coding for other specialities as it includes the technical components of a procedure, like the cost involved in x raying or imaging a patient as well. iSource is an expert at assigning appropriate and exact CPT codes for the technical components and professional components of radiology procedures. We also provide expert radiology coding services for interventional and non interventional radiology services. Which means you can rely on our coding services without fretting and worrying about wether we understand the intricacies of your field! We do! And that is why we are the favorite radiology billing services firm across the length and breadth of the United Sates.

Five features of our radiology billing services that make us the apt choice for you!

  • We have expertise in assigning CPT codes for the procedural and imaging services of interventional radiology.
  • iSource has worked closely with hospitals, radiologists, sonographers, imaging and scan centers, radiology centers and radiology clinics.
  • We specialize in offering radiology billing services for all specialties and sub specialities of radiology such as, pediatric radiology, orthopedic radiology, neuroradiology, diagnostic radiology, and cover the entire spectrum.
  • Seamless communication and interface with radiology information system (RIS) of radiology departments of hospitals and clinics.
  • Quick, affordable and radiology billing services you can bank on anytime, at all times.

Worried about HIPAA compliance or working with someone you don’t get to meet in office?!

iSource understands that these are the two key concerns of clients and our answer is, brush your worries aside. We provide thoroughly HIPAA compliant radiology billing services and are aware and adhere to all the guidelines and regulations of HIPAA. And we provide daily updates of your radiology billing process and keep you posted 24x7 on our billing cycle. This means, we are as much a part of your medical practice as your other employees!