Custom designed medical coding and billing services for clinics!

iSource offers an, up and down, medical coding and billing package, specifically designed for clinics. It can be a herculean task to document and maintain medical records of patients who stream in and out of your office everyday. As unlike hospitals, patients who visit a clinic oftentimes do not require hospitalization, and there can be few problems more profound on earth than not remembering the exact details of a patient!

A cost effective solution to your woes!

At iSource we can help you manage the workflow of your clinic and also increase the cash flow of your practice. We offer coding and billing solutions for clinics keeping in mind the various bumps a clinic faces on its road to receiving insurance receivables. Right from incompetent or inexperienced coding and billing staff, to chaotic documentation of patient data, it can be a mammoth task to get your insurance receivables without spending a fortune and an enormous amount of time. And here is how we can help you out!

Five reasons why you should sign up for our services!

  • We offer high level of scalability. We understand that the volume of work in a clinic differs everyday, as it primarily provides outpatient care and there is no way, you can predict how many patients are going to visit your clinic!
  • iSource offers medical coding and billing services for general outpatient clinics, poly clinics and specialist clinics.
  • We offer specialized coding and billing services for specialist clinics such as dental clinics, fertility clinics, and allocate work to coding and billing staff, based on relevant experience to that specialty.
  • Our services are priced affordably as clinics do not have the financial independence of large scale hospitals and have tighter budgets.
  • And, finally you no longer have to forego low value claims as we ensure that you retrieve every cent that you spend on patient care!