Cardiology billing services that can pump up your revenue

Medical coding and billing for cardiology and cardio vascular treatments can make most cardiologists' hearts skip a beat! At iSource the cardiology medical billing services we provide are all that you'd ever need to run a profitable, HIPAA compliant and structured, cardiology practice.

The 5 key features of our cardiology coding and billing services

  • We are not just good at what we do, but push the boundaries to be the best at it! We offer 360 degree cardiology coding and billing services that is inclusive of all stages and phases of the cardiology billing cycle.
  • iSource can work with all cardiology billing softwares such as AHS, Cardio Pulse, Lytec medical, Lytec MD, or whichever cardiology billing software application you currently use!
  • We are specialists in assigning cardiology codes and modifiers, for global codes, technical codes, and professional codes.
  • We offer expert cardiology coding and billing solutions to cardiology and cardiovascular clinics, cardiology practices, cardiology departments of hospitals and cardiology diagnostic centers.
  • We are thoroughly HIPAA and HL7 compliant and adhere to all security guidelines for the documentation and transfer of medical records.

Take heart, our cardiology billing solutions are inexpensive

iSource provides end to end, cutting edge, cardiology billing services that is priced within your means. We understand the budget constraints of running a medical facility and tag our cardiology billing services so low, you could save 40% of your operational expenditure. And we are quick and work 24x7 just like you! We provide turn around time packages that are flexible, client centric and like every other aspect of our services, tuned in to your needs!

Maximize your revenue and minimize your expenses by calling us at 1-(877)-272-1572.