Get rid of your pediatric dental billing worries!

What can be more painful than extracting a tooth? Trying to pacify a wailing toddler onhis first dental check up! This apart most pediatric dental services are more often than not small scale establishments and trying to keep pace with a billing cycle that demands frequent upgrades, pediatric billing codes that are confusing and a billing team that doesn't deliver the goods can be a uphill climb, all the way.

iSource specializes in pediatric dental billing services and have offered complete pediatric dental billing solutions for pediatric dental clinics, pediatric dental homes, pediatric dentistry departments of hospitals, and to, independent dental practices.

Quick facts about our pediatric dental billing and coding services:

  • We follow and implement all guidelines set forth by the AAPD.
  • We assign pediatric CDT codes perfectly cross linked with CPT and ICD9 codes
  • We've worked with and are familiar with all pediatric dental billing softwares
  • We are thoroughly HIPAA compliant
  • And above all we stand by every assurance we give.

Children's dental billing is no child's play!

At iSource we not just expand and go beyond horizons, we redefine them! We push the boundaries to offer pediatric dental billing solutions that are all that you require to, run your pediatric dental practice without worrying about the long winded and extensive dental billing process!

We understand that the key to meet every requirement of our clients is to understand and be aware of what they are! So if you are looking for all inclusive pediatric billing services, that is low cost, works fast and never ever makes a mistake we understand and offer just that! 

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