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isource offers family practice medical billing, which completely understands the workflow of your practice. We provide comprehensive emr integrated family practice billing services and ensure there are no niggling disruptions in the way your medical facility functions.

Losing money and sleep over an inefficient family practice billing system?

When Jim King, M.D., Chair, FamMedPAC Board of Directors stated that family physicians should be able to practice medicine without fearing bankruptcy, he was spot on. Family practice physicians lose out on thousands of dollars of reimbursement due to under coding, leaving out modifiers or submitting claims without sufficient documentation support. Medicaltranscriptionsservice can help you avoid these common family practice billing headaches.
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Five key features of our family practice medical billing services

  1. With us your medical data is not just safe but completely protected. We offer 24x7 data security and assign an individual, password protected, highly secure ftp account. All access to your data is closely and strictly monitored.
  1. We know the difference between code 99213 and 99214! Most family physicians undercode one third of their established patient visits according to a recent study and we’ll ensure that you are not a part of the statistic. We provide exact and accurate family practice codes and modifiers.
  1. We offer family practice coding and billing services to family practice centers, family practice clinics, family practice departments in hospitals. We are flexible, scalable and offer customizable family practice billing services.
  1. Our family practice medical billing services can integrate with any emr application you currently use and we’ve proficiency in working with commonly used emr applications such as Practice Fusion, eclinical works, e Mds, Practice Partner etc.
  1. We are extremely quick and offer a speedy and consistent turn around time. And we are absolutely affordable and working with Medicaltranscriptionsservice can help you lower your administrative costs by 44 percent.

For HIPAA 5010 compliant, low priced and prompt family practice medical billing services dial 1 888 571 9069