Plastic surgery medical billing services to take care of your ailing billing process

Medicaltranscriptionsservice offers plastic surgery billing services that can effortlessly with any EMR and plastic surgery billing software you use. In other words the only difference you’d notice in your organization is the increase of revenue and quicker reimbursement. Plastic surgery billing is a job that requires attention, precision and unwavering concentration. Much like plastic surgery itself!
plastic surgery

Our accredited medical billing services are highly sought after by plastic surgeons, as we provide the best plastic surgery billing and coding services, individually designed to the needs of your practice.

Five features of our plastic surgery medical billing services that make us the favorite of plastic surgeons

  • We provide plastic surgery billing services and assign exact codes for reconstructive surgeries, micro surgeries and reimbursable aesthetic surgical procedures.
  • The difference between an essential plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery can give rise to confusion and incorrect billing. All the credentialed plastic surgery coding and billing staff of Medicaltranscriptionsservice, have thorough knowledge of the guidelines for billing a plastic surgery procedure, and can save you of loss of revenue and reputation of your practice.
  • There are a dozens of insurance providers and hundreds of different billing rules depending on the “circumstances and reason” for plastic surgery. Working with us can save you the pressure to keep up with those.
  • Medicaltranscriptionsservice offers HIPAA compliant plastic surgery medical billing and coding services and we offer 24x7, cutting edge data security services. It is a fact that your medical data is safer with us than at your office!
  • We work 24x7 and we work fast, and we promise that you’d be sending e claims in just 48 hours! We also provide affordable plastic surgery medical billing services and decrease your operational expenses and increase your cash flow.

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