Leading edge anesthesiology billing and coding solutions!

iSource offers anesthesiology coding and billing services that can lessen the amount of time you spend on maintaining your medical records and chasing after elusive account receivables. We have the experience it takes to assign appropriate anesthesiology codes as it is a specialized field, and requires the skills and patience that comes with experience, to provide flawless anesthesiology coding and billing support.

Why opting for our anesthesiology coding and billing services can be a smart decision!

  • We have hands on experience of working with anesthesiologists, pain management centers, multi speciality hospitals, clinics, pre operative assessment clinics and to a host of other medical care providers across the length and breadth of the United Sates.
  • We have a team of anesthesiology coders, who know and are familiar with, Current Procedural Terminology codes for anesthesiology and anesthesia surgical procedure codes, like the back of their hands!
  • Most insurance firms do not accept stand alone anesthesiology codes. We ensure that we match and cross reference surgical codes of the surgery performed and the anesthesiology code in the claims document.
  • We communicate with the health care provider and work from the original OR report so the claims we generate match the original documentation for the surgical procedure, thereby reducing the risks of rejected claims.
  • iSource works round the clock and we not only provide the insurer with the exact anesthesiology codes but also include the details of the patient and the details of the surgery underwent, with our anesthesiology claims document.

Jump the queue!

Our leading edge anesthesiology billing services and the extensive homework we undergo while filing anesthesiology claims, can help you get your insurance reimbursement faster. A recent finding reveals that anesthesia claims take the longest time to get processed as it involves detailed cross referencing work. iSource pays close attention to detail and we do all that we can and a lot more to help you get your account receivables on time. And the fact that we work at full tilt 24x7 and are not going to charge you the sky for only makes the deal all the more sweeter!