Are you a Practice Fusion user? Here is the medical billing solution you were looking for!

Practice Fusion is one of the most popular web based EHRs around. And thousands of medical practices, who use Practice Fusion, are in need of a medical billing solution that aligns with their EHR workflow and practice dynamics.
MedicalTranscriptionsService not only has extensive experience of working with Practice Fusion, but also loves working with it!

iSource not only has extensive experience in working with the Kareo billing software but loves working with it. Kareo is a medical billing software that is intuitive, offers a host of billing features, and can be easily integrated with our medical billing services.

practice fusion emr billing services

5 ways we can improve profits using Practice Fusion!

  1. MedicalTranscriptionsService has extensive experience of working with Practice Fusion's partners. We work with AdvancedMD, NueMD, CollaborateMD and Kareo, everyday!
  1. Our Practice Fusion billing cycle is powered by 7 expert teams who work round the clock to increase your medical practice's collections. Fast track your collection efforts with our billing specialists.
  1. All our Practice Fusion billers and coders are certified. Our CPC certified medical coders perform complete chart analysis before assigning codes. This makes sure that your coding accuracy and compliance with NCCI edits, is flawless.
  1. MedicalTranscriptionsService is thoroughly HIPAA and HL7 compliant and provides the highest standard of informational security. We follow advanced and cutting-edge data encryption protocols.
  1. We have over 400 certified and experienced medical billers and coders on-board and offer the best solution for group medical practices and ACOs.

We are the perfect choice for Practice Fusion users becauseā€¦

  • Access to your Practice Fusion EHR is limited, closely monitored and we offer access only upon prior authorization.
  • We can seamlessly integrate with your PF EHR and start transmitting claims to insurers in less than two working days.
  • Detailed billing reports that break down every little detail of your billing cycle are provided every month.

MedicalTranscriptionsService has always been the first choice for healthcare organizations who use Practice Fusion because we understand the workings, particularities, workarounds and features of your EHR like no other.

For Practice Fusion integrated medical billing services dial 1-877-272-1572