Don't let CMS audits faze you

One of the greatest challenges and stumbling blocks a medical practice faces is preparing for CMS audits. It can scare the living daylights out of most health care professionals as billing errors can lead to severe consequences and penalization. Medicare has recently stepped up efforts to recover revenue spent on medical claims that are inaccurate or fraudulent.

Are all your medical records straight?

Does your in house billing team maintain succinct and errorless medical records? At iSource we hear several sob stories from healthcare providers who were let down by staff who are overpaid and underworked. We can offer expert medical coding and billing services that covers the whole spectrum. Leave your challenges to us and we can offer medical billing support that will make you ready to face and handle revenue recovery audits.

3 reasons why we have an edge against an in house billing team

Prompt ADR response

Responding on time to the revenue audits request for additional documentation to support your claims is half the battle won. iSource is available 24x7 and we can revert with the requisite medical documents swiftly and are available round.

We are more cost efficient and quick

iSource is low priced and is a whole lot more affordable and quicker that an in house medical biller. We offer client specific turn around time packages based on your requirements. And our prices are the lowest in the professional medical billing services sector.

Planning on a new branch for your medical practice? No worries!

If you are all set to expand your medical practice without disturbing the billing cycle of your organization, iSource is the solution to your need. We can offer systematic and structured medical coding solutions for all your branches without sky high charges or disturbance to your organizational workflow.

For HIPAA compliant and complete medical coding and billing services call us at 1-(877)-272-1572.