Systematic denial management process to cut down on your revenue losses

Our denial management services can help you minimize the financial setbacks of your medical practise. We analyze the pattern of rejected claims and correct the flaws within the billing system.

Our denial management process and how it works

  • Most insurance firms provide generic codes that may not pinpoint to the actual reason for denying a claim. The first step of our denial analysis process is to contact the insurance provider and find out the exact reason for the denial of a claim.
  • We ensure that we use the correct claim number while filing a corrected claim so it is not blacklisted as a duplicate claim or gets rejected on the grounds that the same claim was submitted twice.
  • isource sticks to an organized and systematic insurance follow up process. We ensure that we follow up on a denied claim atleast twice every month. We keep regular tabs on when each claim is due for follow up.
  • We maintain a good rapport with the insurance firms so we get a quicker response the next time we call up for enquiring about a denied claim.
  • We adhere to and follow the appeals process stipulated by the health plan provider of the patient and create and transmit internal appeals to the insurer, and in some rare cases, external appeals to the State department of insurance.

The added advantages of our denied claims management process

  • isource coordinates with the health care provider and we keep you posted regularly.
  • We have a trained task force in our analysis and management team who are well versed with insurance practices, regulations and laws.
  • Our team works round the clock as we are aware that there is a strict and specified time period for correcting or appealing for denied claims.